1. Planning Application Form - April 2017

2. Indicative Site Plan - April 2017

3. Residents Survey - May 2017 (Word)

4. Organisation Survey - May 2017 (Word)

5. Business Survey - May 2017 (Word)



Village Hall Project

Swanwick Parish Council has over the years built up reserves specifically with such a project in mind. The desire for a village hall was confirmed by Swanwick residents during workshops and public consultations in the preparation of a neighbourhood plan for Swanwick Parish.

The Site
The site was purchased by Swanwick Parish Council in August 2016 as it offered an ideal location in the centre of Swanwick for a village hall/ community centre.
The site at 76-80 Derby Road, Swanwick was previously occupied by J W Andrews (Builders) Ltd; the land is a brownfield site in the centre of Swanwick. The buildings, that included wood working workshops and stores, have been demolished. A single building has been retained as a parish council office pending further development of the project.

Proposed Development
The outline planning application is the first stage in a project to deliver a new multi-user community facility and premises for the community and the Parish Council; with ancillary units and car park to provide a future income stream.
The plans submitted with the outline planning application are only indicative. The proposed village hall/ community centre is ideally located within the centre of the village making it accessible by foot; there are excellent public transport links by bus that will reduce the level of trip generation for car users.

What facilities will be provided?
The detail of the facilities that will be provided is still subject to a survey of residents, community organisations and businesses within Swanwick Parish. The main hall will seat approx 150-200 and there will be a number of different sized rooms available to cater for different community/ interest groups, with office accommodation for the Parish Council.
The village hall/ community centre will seek to meet the needs of a diverse range of groups such as the elderly, young adults and peri-school groups and new interest groups.
The car park will not only serve the village hall/ community centre, but will also help to reduce the traffic issues resulting from parking on the pavement and both sides of Derby Road within the centre of Swanwick. Discussions are ongoing with Derbyshire County Council about traffic management issues and the prospect of appropriate Traffic Regulation Orders to alleviate the traffic bottle neck.

User Survey
The Village Hall Working Group is interested in your views about the facilities and activities that could be included in the Village Hall. The views and needs of residents, organisations and businesses will be taken into account in the preparation of the design and to inform any applications that Swanwick Parish Council submit for grants.

Separate surveys are available for residents, organisations and businesses in Swanwick. You can access a blank copy (in Word) of all the surveys from the list to the right. Select the appropriate survey.

Please complete this survey and return by 30 June 2017:

By post:  
Swanwick Parish Council Office, 76-80 Derby Road, Swanwick DE55 1BG (Or drop in our letter box) 

Or call in person : Office is only open Tues. & Thurs. 10am. - 12noon

Or Email completed survey to:  
Please quote ‘Resident survey’ in the subject line

Thank you for your co-operation.

The survey results will be published on the Swanwick Parish Council website

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