Under the Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme) 2008 all councils are obliged to make available all documents that they publish.

The Publications Scheme below provides details of the documents that are available and how the information can be viewed. Unless the information is in draft form or its publication is likely to breach another Act, or it is in a form that is not publishable electronically you should find it on this website. If you need any specific assistance please contact the Clerk using the Contact page.

All documents available on this website are published in Adobe PDF format. If you don't have the Adobe Reader you can download it here completely free of charge.

Customer Complaint Procedure 2016 (Reviewed May 2017)

Financial Regulations 2016 (Reviewed May 2017)

Grant Awarding Policy 2016

Members Code of Conduct 2017

Neighbourhood Plan

Publications Scheme 2016 (Reviewed May 2017)

Retention of Documents 2016 (Reviewed May 2017)

Standing Orders 2016 (Reviewed May 2017)


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